How to navigate through

the ML Prague’s Online Conference platform

For this year’s MLPrague, we will be using the Hopin platform as our online venue.

Registration and access

To get access to our online platform to participate in the conference and workshops (if applicable), you will need to follow only two steps:

  • 1) Create an account on Hopin; just go here.
  • 2) Once you are in your Hopin account, you will need the link and password we sent you to the email address you used to register to attend ML Prague.

How to navigate within our online venue

For best experience: Using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or computer guarantees the best performance. In case you attend ML Prague using a mobile device, please choose to use Safari on iOS and Google Chrome on Android.


Picture 1

The section you will see once you access our event.

On the left side of the page, you will find the different sections of our online venue described below. By default, the welcome page is Reception.

In the center, the description of our conference, our partners and our conference program will be displayed.

On the right side of the page, you'll find the chat tool

You can choose between global (all attendees will read your messages) or direct message (a private chat sent only to the person you want to talk to). You can minimize the chat window by clicking on the small arrow sign.

For general (event-related) questions, please, use Hopin chat. For the Q&A sessions, please, use

Picture 2

IMPORTANT: “Global chat” should only be used to share relevant questions and comments for all attendees. Please note that offensive or rude comments, and any kind of spam, will be deleted and the sender might be banned from the conference


In this section, you’ll find the conference’s main stage, where all the main talks will take place.

When you click the “Stage” button, you will start watching the live broadcast automatically.

If you want to ask the speaker/s a question, please use For organizational event related questions, please use Hopin chat.

Picture 3


By clicking on the “Sessions” button, you will see all the available sessions, so you can choose the one you are interested in and click on it.

This section has been added to have different types of content running parallel. You will find our Mastermind sessions and workshops here. You will be able to ask your questions via

If you want to leave one session and join another, just do it! This does not apply to workshop sessions that you booked ahead of time, unfortunately it's not possible to attend a workshop you didn't choose ahead of time.

Picture 4


This section has been enabled for automated one-on-one meetings.

If you want to network with someone, click on the “Ready” button, and the system will search and randomly pair you with another person. Once you are connected, you can start chatting!

IMPORTANT: You will need to enable your webcam and microphone to participate.

Picture 5

When you network with someone, you will see two buttons: “Connect” and “Extend”.

The purpose of the “Connect” button is to give users the ability to quickly and easily exchange contact information, similar to exchanging business cards at a physical event.

By clicking the “Extend” button, you can extend the meeting. As the button is clicked, the other participant will receive a notification to confirm if they wish to extend the meeting.

Picture 6

If you are interested in networking with someone specific, you can find him/her in the Chat window by clicking on the “People” button. Then you can find the particular person and invite them for a video call.

Picture 7


The Expo area is the exhibitor hall of the partners of Machine Learning Prague.

You can access these booths at any time during the event. During the scheduled coffee breaks (10:30-11:00, 14:30-15:00, 16:30-17:00), there will be live sessions, contests, demos, etc. available in some booths

Outside of the coffee break times, you can watch presentations, videos, or other content prepared by our partners. You just need to go in and check out their booths at the Expo area.

Picture 8

Poster session

Poster sessions in its digital form is how all the poster speakers can share the description (posters) of their work.

These posters will be available during the whole conference, so you can easily choose and read the poster/s you like and watch the explanatory video. The poster speakers will be live to answer your questions on Saturday and Sunday, from 12:30 - 13:30. Please check the program for more information about the poster sessions times:

Poster sessions will be a part of the Expo area, right under all the virtual booths.

Picture 9

If you have more questions, please check Hopin’s knowledge base: